What equipment do searchers need to participate in outdoor training?

  • Posted on: 11 September 2016
  • By: Belinda

For your safety and the integrity of our training exercises, HSAR requires members to carry the minimum equipment listed below during any training exercise or search event. Instructors or Team Leaders will not accept volunteers to a session if they are not prepared to go in the woods.

Sturdy waterproof boots
Appropriate clothing for current and expected conditions (layered, no cotton or denim/jeans)
Orange outerwear (jacket, pants or vest—HSAR has orange reflective vests that can be signed out)
Safety glasses
Rain gear
Strong flashlight and spare batteries
Headlamp and spare batteries
Compass with a base plate and a bezel ring that can be rotated
Waterproof matches and lighters
Extra “energy” food (trail mix, granola bars, etc.)
Water (a minimum of 2L should be carried at all times)
Whistle (pealess type such as Fox40)
Notebook and pencil