Map & Compass Course

Halifax Search and Rescue offers an interactive map and compass navigation course twice a year. The course begins with an evening of classroom theory and hands-on exercises including reading and using a map, and using a compass. Course participants also spend a full day in the field (a woods environment) applying their newly acquired skills, working both in small groups and individually with support from course facilitators. By course completion participants can expect to possess new or improved skills to effectively, confidently, and accurately navigate over land using a map and compass.

The course is taught and facilitated by Halifax Search & Rescue team members who work with participants to ensure a safe and rewarding experience.

Safety is our number one priority: proper dress (layered clothing, no cotton) and footwear is required for travelling in the woods and all participants must be a minimum of twelve years of age; those under 16 must be accompanied by an adult parent, family member or guardian who is also taking the course. The primary materials required for the course are a 360 degree compass with base plate. Additional details will be included with registration confirmation.

Course fee is $80/person, and all funds generated support HSAR’s lifesaving ground search and rescue operations. Instructor and facilitator time is 100% volunteer.

Maximum number of students is 18, at least 10 are needed to run the course.

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